Why Should an e-Commerce Merchant Consider Migrating to 3dcart?

Joe PIt’s no secret that I am the CMO for 3dcart, so I wanted to put this out there so anyone who reads this knows this from the start.  I’m not trying to manipulate anything – I work for 3dcart.  This being said…

More and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the e-commerce arena every single day, so it’s no wonder a horde of shopping cart software is also available at present. With such beneficial programs within easy reach, it’s never been this simple to build your very own online store and launch your Internet business.

If you haven’t been feeling happy and satisfied with your current e-store builder or you feel that there’s something lacking at the moment, perhaps it’s high time you took a closer look at other providers who can possibly give you what you’re looking for.

3dcart is one resounding brand in this plethora of e-commerce website builders, as it is fast gaining prominence in the Internet business world. Over the years, the buzz about has only become stronger and louder. With a lot of online entrepreneurs who have admittedly made the move to 3dcart, it’s certainly worth checking out why any merchant would want to migrate to this provider.

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Shopping Cart Solutions

Below you’ll find the top 3 factors you ought to take into account in reviewing 3dcart against competing software. Perhaps your current e-commerce platform shows weakness in one of these areas. Hence, it’s best to be aware of what you ought to be watching out for.

1.      Ease and Convenience

Small, start-up and even middle-sized companies are better off using a drag-and-drop type of platform for building an online shop. This is what 3dcart boasts of when compared with any other similar program.

A lot of users have expressed their great satisfaction with the very simple way of navigating through the software, allowing them to enjoy a hassle-free web selling experience. At the same time, you get the assurance that your customers will also be delighted with the same relaxed and organized feel of the entire site.

2.      Features and Templates

In this regard, 3dcart may not have as many free and premium templates to choose from, but we are adding more everyday. Nonetheless, you should ask yourself what you’re really after— quantity or quality. Consider 3dcart’s collection as the “select few”, automatically eliminating substandard designs to save you time and effort in choosing one for your store.

Besides, many users of 3dcart can attest to the great customizability of its readymade web store prototypes which they consider a huge strength. As a result, all you have to do is call up customers support if you can’t modify it on your own to achieve the look you desire.

Furthermore, if you want to continuously pique the interest of your online shoppers and heighten your chances of making a sale, you might just appreciate the special hot features that 3dcart offers— Deal of the Day, Group Deals, and Make Me an Offer. There’s always something for visitors to look forward to. You get to offer good reason for your customers to keep coming back.

What’s more, other 3dcart features worth mentioning include several user-friendly ones like the product reviews and search tools, together with a vast array of marketing aids like social media-sharing and search engine optimization (SEO). Recently, the company has also partnered with Doogma so as to offer product customization to shoppers.

3.      Pricing and Package

When it comes to the packages and pricing, most shopping cart software providers have about 4 to 5 plans that clients can pick from. In this particular area, you’ll have to carefully compare not just the numbers but the inclusions in the packages. For instance, you might be paying a lesser price at the moment but the services are short-changed. Perhaps there are also plenty of hidden fees.

So what are the perks of 3dcart in this regard? For one, its minimum package priced at only $19.99 already offers a lot— an allowable total of 100 products and a much bigger bandwidth than other providers’ lowest packages, to name a few.

Meanwhile, it’s also interesting to note that the most popular plan of 3dcart is the Professional package at $65.99/month while that of others go beyond a hundred dollars per month! So what’s the big deal here? If you analyze it thoroughly, you’ll realize that it’s a sign to show that 3dcart’s most availed package can give greater value for your money.

It’s vital to check out the highest priced packages as well. You’ll be happy to learn that 3dcart’s is priced at only $129.99/month, same as the middle-ranged plans of other companies. With this premier plan, 3dcart already offers very high traffic and an unlimited number of products for the inventory, plus a bonus of $225 marketing fund.

Furthermore, if you’re seriously considering opting for 3dcart, it’s also important to understand that compared to the others, it has the most number of compatible payment gateways at more than 50. Surely your customers will be happy about this.

A Summary of Pros and Cons

According to e-commerce experts, 3dcart is a common favorite among online shoppers because of the friendly and easy-to-use platform. With PCI Level 1 security, reasonable pricing, an affiliate program, a range of marketing tools, exciting features like gift cards and ‘Deal of the Day’, and the most number of payment gateways, getting a plan from this company is certainly good value for your money.

Naturally, like any company, we also have our share of disadvantages which you should take note of. The lack of free template choices is one major setback for some store owners, combined with the limited design options in the premium template collection. But then again, if you’ve already got your current design and layout working well for you, then there’s no point getting discouraged over this matter, right? Besides, some merchants prefer having fewer choices that represent the “cream of the crop”.  In any event, I believe that our advantages far outweigh our disadvantages, and given the options on the market today – we are the company that you should use to build your online store with.

In the past, some claim that customer support is also in need of improvement, but it’s essential to note that this supposed assertion hasn’t been true for several years now. Even the Better Business Bureau had recognized 3dcart’s amazing enhancement of their customer support and had therefore boosted their rating already. So there’s really nothing to worry about in this department.   (Plus, I can tell you from working here that we really care about our customers)…

Still not convinced? You can go for the free trial to experience the benefits and to finally decide if it’s really worth it to migrate to 3dcart. 

Bottom line— We have awesome software, and we are an awesome company.  You can be assured that we are continuously improving our product (unlike many solutions out there – they know who they are), tools, and services to give the best for its merchants. If you’re after a clean-cut, customer-friendly, and superbly efficient website that customers are bound to love, come see what you’ve been missing…

If you have any questions about 3dcart, feel free to drop me a line…