Recent Interview With Terry Lin @ Build My Online Store

I recently had a great interview with Terry Lin at Build My Online Store.  It is now live!  Feel free to stop by and take a listen at your leisure.  You can find the interview here... Here are some of the topics discussed... 04:00 – What was Joe’s first e-commerce business in 1994? 08:00 – Landscape of E-Commerce in the 2000s 11:30 – Fundamental truths of success in E-Commerce 13:00 – Selling a $12M business that was gradually losing profitability 15:30 – The power of a written letter 17:30 – Finding the right fit when looking for a buyer 21:00 – Calculating the true valuation for your business 25:00 – Will cataloging make a comeback in marketing? 28:00 – Why the worst-case situation is just all in your head 30:00 – Selling the second business to a publicly listed company 34:30 – Commonalities among successful store owners at 3D Cart 36:00 – Commonalities among store owners that fail 38:00 – Drop-shipping vs manufacturing 41:30