How to Make Your Online Customer Know, Like, and Trust You

Have you ever heard of the “know, like, and trust” factors? If you’ve been in sales and marketing for quite some time, you’re probably familiar with these already. They are MUSTs in the world of sales and marketing.  When I started my first company at 18 years old, I learned these pretty quick. Nobody wants to do business with somebody they despise or feel may dupe them in some way! So the bottom line is this: You need to make your customers comfortable with you throughout your interaction with them. The only way to do this is to get them to know, like, and trust you. Now how can you do that online? Many businesses don’t understand that this should be done not just with the traditional face-to-face interaction and with the usual physical promotional materials. In this digital age, you have to know how it can be done online too. Make Yourself