Thinking About My Vehicles Over The Years

I'm 40 years old and I have always been a car buff.  I guess it's just because I get bored of things easily.  I thought it would be a great time to just think back and remember the cars I've had, and make a brief comment about each... I started driving when I was 16.  I actually took my driving test in my mom's car at the time which was a 1981 Mercury XR-7 Cougar.  This thing was a BOAT.  It had to be the largest car I had ever driven.  It was powerful, no doubt. Then my mom and dad bought a 1987 Chevy Celebrity.  It wasn't a bad car.  For it's time, it drove pretty nice.  It was less of a boat.  I can't remember ever having problems with it.  It was quite the hot looking family sedan in it's time.  Haha... Then, I had saved up and bought my

Saving The Environment One Diaper At A Time

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have much more of an affinity towards dogs than I do babies, but I still do believe that babies are the greatest and sweetest miracle on Earth. I believe that without family, our future on this Earth will be bleak because a strong, supportive family is what our society needs to raise children properly.  So I would like to use this opportunity to spotlight one of my favorite online merchants, Diaper Junction. Babies are sweet and cuddly and nothing beats that new baby smell; unless that new baby smell includes a dirty, plastic diaper. Disposable diapers are said to be more convenient than cloth diapers but they are not really better. In fact, disposable diapers become very expensive over the course of the time they are needed and they always end up getting wasted as the baby outgrows them. That does not even