Celebrity Apprentice: Don’t Feel Bad Clay – It’s Nothing Personal…

Anyone who watched Celebrity Apprentice knows that the real winner is Clay Aiken, so you're probably wondering why Mr. Trump selected Arsenio Hall.  Let's think about this.  What is Celebrity Apprentice?First off, it is entertaining.  Donald Trump is a genius.  There's a reason this man is so wealthy.  This show really exists for a few reasons.  It does do wonderful things for charity.  It also is a launch vehicle for Donald Trump's retail businesses, and other investments.  I can tell you for a fact that the day after the episode where the teams built the display for Donald's cologne, Success, I went to Macy's and bought a bottle.  Honestly, not because I love Mr. Trump, but I sprayed the tester, and it smells damn good.So lets get back to why Arsenio won.  This show is not only a place for Donald to promote his products, but it is a

Could the Financial System Soon Collapse?

As American and European stocks continue to fall, a financial collapse may be looming. If the ongoing debt crisis forces European countries to default on their debt or abandon the euro, the consequences will have a major impact throughout the world. Many signs point to a worsening economic situation in Europe. With radical leftists leading in some polls, Greece could become the first country to reject austerity measures and default on its debt. CBS News reported in mid-May that Greek citizens had withdrawn so much money from their accounts that many of the nation's banks were on the brink of collapse. However, Greece is not the only country at risk. Spain's economy also continues to weaken. BusinessWeek reported in late April that the country's unemployment rate was at an 18-year high of 24 percent. Economist Harry Dent recently appeared on CNBC television and predicted that Spain would default on its debt.

Making Your eCommerce Website a Success

A lot of people ask me... How do I get sales on this website? Building a successful online store is not an easy task. Many people believe that you just build a website, turn it on, and the people come. Is anything in life really this easy? What I can tell you is that it is not this easy, but it's not impossible to own a successful website. If you have a store that you built, and it's not making you money, it should be. You can't give up. I'm going to explain eCommerce success in common sense - simple terms. Website Design - The design of your eCommerce website is the most important piece. Without a clean, crisp, professional look - nobody is going to buy anything in your store. The homepage is the entrance to your store.

How Quickly People Forget

Was there ever a time in your life where you gave someone a chance to advance themselves, and once they became successful - they totally forgot about everything you did for them?  Of course, they did for themselves too, and they worked hard...  But some people must really think they did it all themselves, because when you run into them a few years later, and you're met with at attitude, it's a tad annoying...  I guess the part that makes me smile is that I know what comes around, goes around... At one time, Scott and I employed over 200 people in the prime of Solid Cactus.  Many more worked for us.  Hadn't it been for us, many people would have never gotten started in their career path.  We gave many people the start they needed when they were young, right out of college.  Many of these people still work

Some Companies Just Don’t Deserve to Have Customers

I have been an entrepreneur for my entire life.  I started my first company when I was 20 with my business partner, Scott Sanfilippo.  I learned first hand the importance of customer service, and how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur.  I sold two companies, both to much larger companies than the one I owned, and I even stayed on with one of them, which was a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq in the role of VP.  I've experienced virtually every side of the equation.  I've also been a mentor to many other small businesses. If there's one thing I can't stand, it is when a company grows so large that it can torment it's customers.  One company that I have had personal experience with is a my mortgage servicing company, Ocwen.  In my lifetime, I have never come across such a poor excuse for a company.  If