The Rise and Fall of WWWW: A Lesson In Stupidity

I want to first say, in FULL DISCLOSURE that I sold the company I co-owned (Solid Cactus) to Group in 2009, and I no longer hold any position in, nor do I really care about the stock price - but I still follow because a good part of my past life still lives within the organization - including a lot of wonderful memories and a bunch of awesome people.  I am writing this commentary because I have been in the technology industry since it's inception and seeing lose almost 25% of it's value in one day is almost laughable.  I'm going to tell you why (since it's obvious that most bankers and investors have absolutely NO knowledge of technology or how it works). So upon the release of the news that Google is venturing into Domain Registration sales, and email services...  (article: Domain Registration is an

Why Should an e-Commerce Merchant Consider Migrating to 3dcart?

It's no secret that I am the CMO for 3dcart, so I wanted to put this out there so anyone who reads this knows this from the start.  I'm not trying to manipulate anything - I work for 3dcart.  This being said... More and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the e-commerce arena every single day, so it's no wonder a horde of shopping cart software is also available at present. With such beneficial programs within easy reach, it's never been this simple to build your very own online store and launch your Internet business. If you haven't been feeling happy and satisfied with your current e-store builder or you feel that there's something lacking at the moment, perhaps it's high time you took a closer look at other providers who can possibly give you what you're looking for. 3dcart is one resounding brand in this plethora of e-commerce website builders, as it

I Want to Be An E-Commerce Success Story…

Today, one of my co-workers wrote an article that I wanted to share.  I have been mulling over writing this same article for the past week, and to my surprise, Bryan came in today and said, you know, I was thinking about something and I wrote an article about it.  So believe it or not, we must have some kind of screwy connection or something. Just to add to Bryan's article, I wanted to share a few common misconceptions about selling online... You cannot expect to start a small business without having passion.  Trust me, if you don't have a passion for what you are doing, you will quickly become bored. All good things take time.  This concept that so many potential business owners think that they can be successful in one month is just baffling to me. Knowledge IS POWER...  If you don't take the time to learn what you're doing, you'll

Entrepreneur On Fire Interview

I recently interviewed with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire.  He was extremely professional and a wonderful host.  Thanks John for the great interview!  Click here to listen to my interview on Entrepreneur on

My Mixergy Interview

I was recently interviewed on Mixergy. I really loved meeting Andrew and we had a great conversation. If there's one thing that people know about me, I have no filter. I don't have the ego that tends to go along with being successful, therefore I often say things that people with powerful ego's won't admit to.  For those of you that follow me on Facebook, or Twitter - you all know that I will also say things that most people won't say - including lots of left and right posts about politics or religion.  I can answer that the easiest by saying, this is me - it's who I am...  If you don't like me, cool.  I've lived 41 years so far, and my presence here on Earth is not a popularity contest :) Andrew entitled the interview The Exit That Caused a Founder's Nervous Breakdown... While I wouldn't go

Fun Day Today With Shawna Seigel on Webmaster Radio

Today, I had a wonderful interview by the very talented Shawna Siegel on her show, eCom Experts with Shawna Siegel on Webmaster Radio. I'd like to thank Shawna for having me on. One of the topics we discussed was blogging, and I realized that blogging is the one thing that I just can't find the time to do. So here I am, giving advice on blogging, but yet I'm not blogging myself. It is often hard to find the time to keep up on blogs, but one thing is for certain... If you are an e-commerce business and you have a blog that is not maintained, you'd probably be better off without it. I'm just lucky that this is my personal homepage, and I really don't care about getting good SEO for myself, because I'm not selling anything :) But if I were, you bet I'd need

Making Your eCommerce Website a Success

A lot of people ask me... How do I get sales on this website? Building a successful online store is not an easy task. Many people believe that you just build a website, turn it on, and the people come. Is anything in life really this easy? What I can tell you is that it is not this easy, but it's not impossible to own a successful website. If you have a store that you built, and it's not making you money, it should be. You can't give up. I'm going to explain eCommerce success in common sense - simple terms. Website Design - The design of your eCommerce website is the most important piece. Without a clean, crisp, professional look - nobody is going to buy anything in your store. The homepage is the entrance to your store.