Why Should an e-Commerce Merchant Consider Migrating to 3dcart?

It's no secret that I am the CMO for 3dcart, so I wanted to put this out there so anyone who reads this knows this from the start.  I'm not trying to manipulate anything - I work for 3dcart.  This being said... More and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the e-commerce arena every single day, so it's no wonder a horde of shopping cart software is also available at present. With such beneficial programs within easy reach, it's never been this simple to build your very own online store and launch your Internet business. If you haven't been feeling happy and satisfied with your current e-store builder or you feel that there's something lacking at the moment, perhaps it's high time you took a closer look at other providers who can possibly give you what you're looking for. 3dcart is one resounding brand in this plethora of e-commerce website builders, as it