7 Steps to Building a Mobile App for Your Online Business

You probably have your very own smartphone filled with downloaded apps. So why is it that you haven't tapped yet to the mobile platform to promote your online biz? These days, almost everyone in the world are carrying around their mobile devices and accessing various apps many times every single day. Imagine how much exposure you could have if your app was being used by each and every one of your targeted consumers in different countries. This is essentially why you need to come up with a mobile app for your e-store. Make your brand into a household name--- or rather, an app store name that everybody's scurrying to get. Step 1: Decide on Your Purpose. Before you rush into getting this app built, you must take it one step at a time. Begin with the end in mind, as they say. What's your purpose? Is it to interact with customers more, to

The Rise and Fall of WWWW: A Lesson In Stupidity

I want to first say, in FULL DISCLOSURE that I sold the company I co-owned (Solid Cactus) to Web.com Group in 2009, and I no longer hold any position in Web.com, nor do I really care about the stock price - but I still follow Web.com because a good part of my past life still lives within the Web.com organization - including a lot of wonderful memories and a bunch of awesome people.  I am writing this commentary because I have been in the technology industry since it's inception and seeing Web.com lose almost 25% of it's value in one day is almost laughable.  I'm going to tell you why (since it's obvious that most bankers and investors have absolutely NO knowledge of technology or how it works). So upon the release of the news that Google is venturing into Domain Registration sales, and email services...  (article: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2367060/google-tests-domain-registration-service.html) Domain Registration is an

Growing Your Business – How to Get Over the Hump

My business partner Scott and I started our first business in 1994.  We were still in college and we wanted to do something part time that we enjoyed.  We knew by the end of our first year in business that this was more than we could handle.  We either had to give up the business, or grab the bull by the horns and really grow our new company. We learned a lot over the time we ran our companies, The Ferret Store, and later Solid Cactus.  We learned that it was pretty easy to get started, but growing wasn't that easy.  The main reason is, there comes a time where in order to grow, you can't do everything yourself.  Learning to delegate, and trust others is not an easy task, especially when it was you who grew the business to where it is today... But the truth is, there is only