Three Customers You Will Never Miss

Before I started my first eCommerce website back in 1994, I spent almost 10 years working in retail.  It made me think...  Had I spent the rest of my life as a bricks and mortar retailer, I would have had to keep dealing with crazy customers, face to face - for the rest of my life.   Of course being an online merchant also has its challenges, but you can at least get up from your computer, take a walk and grab a coffee.  Thinking back... I've decided to outline the customer types that I used to dread dealing with on a face to face basis. Meet the crazy customers that no longer torture you in person (just via email and phone)... Gretta McPennypincher - When she's not sitting on the front porch smoking Pall Malls, she takes her daily trip into your store to look at the latest additions to your