The Inspirational, Controversial, Educational, Comical, Instructional, and Seasonal: 6 Video Types to Use for Online Marketing

While browsing your Facebook news feed, did you ever encounter coming across a fascinating video that one of your friends described as funny and entertaining? Perhaps you’re doing some kind of research online and came across an educational video that you felt could be helpful. At times, you may have clicked on a related video on YouTube just because it was about a hot topic or controversial issue.

At one time or another, the examples given above encouraged you to view the videos. And upon watching them, you were probably driven to act or maybe you felt a strong emotion. It’s also possible that after watching a particular one, you had the urge to share it in your timeline or blog.

Video Marketing is certainly effective when it comes to Internet promotions. It has been proven to boost businesses by engaging customers, increasing exposure, and providing great value to gain trust and build continuous rapport.

You must keep in mind that videos that directly sell or promote something often don’t work. Just like with article and email marketing, it’s very important to give value to your target audience— practical tips, relevant news, inspiring stories.

In order to diversify your marketing videos, here are the 6 video types you should consider making and posting online:


Sharing something that uplifts people’s spirits and make them become more positive in various ways is always effective. This is what inspirational videos do.

Just imagine how an inspirational quote that applies to your current situation can suddenly trigger a bright idea or cheer you up in a snap. Inspirational videos can double or even triple the effect!

When your target market is moved by an inspiring story in your video post, they will never forget you. What’s even better is that they’re bound to pass on your video. Human beings are naturally magnetized toward positive things and have the natural tendency to want to share such positivity.

These inspirational videos can be montages of pictures and words or may feature success stories and testimonials. They can showcase stories of getting up, overcoming problems, and helping others.


If you want your video to go viral, why not feature a controversial topic? When you take sides, all the more that it’s going to create a buzz. Just make sure that your chosen side will not give you more enemies, haters, or bashers. You don’t want to have that much bad publicity.

Check out trending hashtags or just be updated with the latest controversial and popular issues in your locality and in the world. You can incorporate them into your videos without pissing off individuals whom you don’t want to lose as your customers.


Even in blogging, educating your audience is a must. You should always be able to provide relevant content. When you do this through short videos, they will love and remember you even more!

For instance, you’re selling juices for kids. Wouldn’t it be nice to teach parents about recommended diets for children? You can also feature the latest news about kids’ nutrition and what top-notch pediatricians are saying about it.

Rather than making your video seem like a boring lecture, make the most of moving images and short, powerful texts to make your target audience learn more about and within your niche. The teachings should be beneficial for them.

Educational videos include interviews, news and updates in the industry, and lesson-type information.


When you’re able to make people laugh, they feel good and they get into a positive zone. Hence, it is much easier to get your message across and also easier to influence the viewers.

Of course you must craft your video with humor that is not offensive and that also brings attention toward your main message. Make sure not to pick on specific groups of people as the way to make something seem funny, or you will end up upsetting and insulting others.

When you’re able to accomplish making someone laugh and at the same time relaying the right message, surely the person will feel more drawn to follow the call-to-action that you have at the end of the video.


From time to time, you may also want to have instructional or demonstrative videos that are of great significance to your target audience. For example, if you are in the business of office supplies, you may want to create a video that talks about and shows how to maximize office space for utmost convenience and function. You may want to also provide a step-by-step guide on how to pick the right type of chairs for various rooms and functions in the workplace.

When making these instructional videos, it’s essential to be clear with the steps. Make each step detailed and accompany it with a picture or a moving image. It’s like a cooking show related to your niche. You can also inject important tips when necessary or when appropriate.


You probably notice how businesses that promote online often release videos related to special occasions or particular seasons such as during Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, and Independence Day. You should also watch out for these days and plan ahead. You ought to ride these seasons so that people will pay attention and your videos become more timely and full of impact.

You can use themes of seasons for your videos and combine them with other types of videos. For instance, if you are selling jewelry, you can come up with an inspirational video that shows how a husband makes his wife feel special as Christmas is approaching. It should not just focus on giving the jewelry but should also include other ways such as being sweet, serving her, watching out for her needs, etc. Or you can create an instructional video about how to surprise your special someone with a homemade jewelry box on Valentine’s Day.

Let your creative juices freely flow when you’re planning and making those videos. Keep your intentions in mind as you create the videos and make sure to incorporate your brand or company name and logo at the end, along with a call-to-action. It’s good to also include your contact details and most especially your website.