10 Mentalities of Successful Digital Entrepreneurs

So many digital entrepreneurs are mushrooming across the globe. Some of them become successful, while many others can’t even get past the first base. Even those who’ve established offline businesses find it difficult to survive in today's tough business climate. Many successful online entrepreneurs will tell you that it all lies in the mindset. You’ve got to shake off traditional or classic thinking, and be able to flow with the times. Even if you have the skills and resources, there is no guarantee that you’ll make it all the way to home-run if you don’t have the right mentalities. So as you’re learning the ropes of becoming a digital entrepreneur, you should make a huge effort to develop the following mentalities: Hustle In this day and age, “slow and steady” may leave you behind. Yes, it’s essential to be cautious when it comes to your business decisions. However, you also need to hustle most

How to Make Your Online Customer Know, Like, and Trust You

Have you ever heard of the “know, like, and trust” factors? If you’ve been in sales and marketing for quite some time, you’re probably familiar with these already. They are MUSTs in the world of sales and marketing.  When I started my first company at 18 years old, I learned these pretty quick. Nobody wants to do business with somebody they despise or feel may dupe them in some way! So the bottom line is this: You need to make your customers comfortable with you throughout your interaction with them. The only way to do this is to get them to know, like, and trust you. Now how can you do that online? Many businesses don’t understand that this should be done not just with the traditional face-to-face interaction and with the usual physical promotional materials. In this digital age, you have to know how it can be done online too. Make Yourself

Learning the Why and How of Influencer Marketing

Whether you run a business online, offline, or both, one of the essentials when it comes to your marketing efforts is to tap the so-called ‘influencers’. Who are they and how can they benefit your business? Well, just imagine if you are in the real estate industry and you got a couple or even just one big-time celebrity to endorse what you’re offering. Wouldn’t that bring in more sales? Or let’s say you are selling personal development audio CDs and these products were featured in Success Magazine. You’ll surely be able to reach out to those who actually want what you have because many readers of this magazine are seeking personal growth and self-improvement. So yes, it would be awesome to practice influencer marketing--- starting today. What is Influencer Marketing?  Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that targets a chosen few--- people or institutions which can endorse your business and connect you

6 Effective Ways to Make Customers Go After You

You understand that content is key to establishing a strong presence on the Internet, building your brand, and boosting your business through online marketing. But placing your content out there is not enough. You have to provide VALUE to your customers if you want them to eventually pursue you instead of the other way around. Before you can give value, though, you need to learn how to develop your customers' trust in you. You must come up with ways to educate your target audience so that they will feel cared for and will come to see you as trustworthy and credible. It's difficult to keep running after potential customers in order to make some profit from your business. How would you like for them to seek you out? According to many expert online marketers, here are the 6 effective ways in which you can actually make them go after you: Blog, Share,

Growing Your Business – How to Get Over the Hump

My business partner Scott and I started our first business in 1994.  We were still in college and we wanted to do something part time that we enjoyed.  We knew by the end of our first year in business that this was more than we could handle.  We either had to give up the business, or grab the bull by the horns and really grow our new company. We learned a lot over the time we ran our companies, The Ferret Store, and later Solid Cactus.  We learned that it was pretty easy to get started, but growing wasn't that easy.  The main reason is, there comes a time where in order to grow, you can't do everything yourself.  Learning to delegate, and trust others is not an easy task, especially when it was you who grew the business to where it is today... But the truth is, there is only