6 Effective Ways to Make Customers Go After You

You understand that content is key to establishing a strong presence on the Internet, building your brand, and boosting your business through online marketing. But placing your content out there is not enough. You have to provide VALUE to your customers if you want them to eventually pursue you instead of the other way around.

Before you can give value, though, you need to learn how to develop your customers’ trust in you. You must come up with ways to educate your target audience so that they will feel cared for and will come to see you as trustworthy and credible.

It’s difficult to keep running after potential customers in order to make some profit from your business. How would you like for them to seek you out? According to many expert online marketers, here are the 6 effective ways in which you can actually make them go after you:

  1. Blog, Share, and Keep Repeating the Process.

Whoever said that blogging is going downhill is foolish. It’s merely growing and evolving, and this is why you have to keep up with the times. You must know how to combine old and new strategies in your blog posts. And of course it’s crucial to always provide great value with every post.

Remember that blogging is always a reliable way to keep producing new content that will help potential customers find their way to you. What’s more, in this social media age, this practice has become even more valuable since people can easily share your post to their different networks. Of course you should also establish your own social media accounts and post links to your blogs from time to time.

Do you know that search engines also love blogs, especially those that are niche-oriented and that have plenty of relevant information for targeted readers? Well, blogging and sharing your entries can definitely help your chances of ranking higher on search results.

  1. Have Your Business Reviewed by Industry Leaders.

These days, you will encounter plenty of established and trusted review sites online which release multiple reviews regularly. Yelp, for instance, is a go-to place for prospective consumers looking to see how particular products or services fare. You ought to ensure that your business is reviewed by this site and other similar ones that are also considered big names when it comes to online reviews. But of course you will need to jack up your efforts in order to get favorable write-ups.

You may also approach known bloggers in your industry and offer free samples or trials of your products and services. In return, you can ask them to publish a review on your business.

  1. Provide Value-Packed Webinars for Free.

Why is it that a lot of businesses are now offering seminars, workshops, and the like online and offline? It’s because they understand and embrace the concept of providing value to their market.

Giving free webinars will help you draw in crowds and build your credence in the process. It’s a great way to make yourself known in your specific niche while also generating new leads and increasing your conversion rate. At the same time, you can even use this tactic to collect email addresses for your subscription list.

  1. Present Customer Testimonials through Various Media.

There’s nothing like a powerful customer testimonial to make people believe that your product or service is topnotch. If it works for others, then it can work for them too. Hence, when you put out such testimonials on the Internet, they will likely give you greater traffic and lead potential customers to your business.

Every now and then, you can feature a success story or customer testimonial in your blog through a narrative. Include photos of the person and emphasize how your business helped. It would also be good to use various media such as infographics, comic strips, and videos in presenting these testimonials. Post the videos on YouTube and also share the different media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  1. Create a Helpful and Relevant FAQ Page.

A FAQ page is standard in every website. Many people turn to this page to find out more about your business and to further understand what you are offering. If there are some questions left unanswered in their minds, they are likely to read this page first before actually contacting your customer support. This is why you must make it well-written and relevant.

A good FAQ page consists of common concerns and questions customers may have. However, you might want to handpick those that could present your business in a positive light even if there are doubts involved. Furthermore, it’s advisable to organize the questions and answers in categories to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

  1. Promote Your Business Locally.

Maybe you’ve been trying hard to expand your reach too much, but ignoring the local market in the process. Yes, you can go global immediately because of modern technology. However, promoting your business locally will definitely add to your long-term profits. When you’re able to make a name within your area where there is less competition, there is a bigger chance for you to be known worldwide.

You ought to use long-tail keywords in your content, those that include the name of your local city or the surrounding cities that you can cater to. There are also ways in which you can establish a local presence through virtual means, such as when outsourcing employees from different places. Moreover, try to maximize Google Places and Yahoo Local to help online searchers find your local physical establishments and gather basic info on your business.

Applying these 6 effective strategies will certainly help you market your business more efficiently, making it easier and faster for prospective consumers to locate you or to visit your website. Focus on doing these and before long, you’ll have customers going after you