Boomers! In Boca Raton – A Huge Disappointment

I’m not one for trying to harm someone’s business so I always try to be very fair when I make comments.  I’ve been driving past “Boomers!” for years now, and it always looks like such a nice place on Route 95 as I drive past.  This past weekend, I finally went there to play mini golf and see what the “Family Fun Center” had in store for me.

I honestly love playing arcade games.  I think Chuck E Cheeses are fun.  I love trying to win as many tickets as I can, and I always love collecting my stupid prizes of candy and cheap plastic garbage.

This place is in such disrepair, it is insane.  It is very sad because it has so much potential, but it has obviously been ignored for so long that it is apparent that the owners of this business are either having a rough go of it in the new economy, or they just don’t want to fix it up.

The mini golf area has very old, untreated wood, and the water displays are either broken, or where they do work, the water is a filthy green color.  Many of the “astro turf” coverings on the holes are ripped, or are different colors.  This place has such potential to be beautiful.  It’s a shame that they let it go this far.

Inside, many of the games are broken.  I tried to play a Skee Ball where it took my money (points) but never gave me my balls, but the games that are clearly broken are just that.  I had to try SEVEN ticket redeemer kiosks before I could get one to actually take my tickets.  Worst of all, THERE IS NO AIR-CONDITIONING!  Can you imagine this?  I live in South Florida.  It’s high 90’s most of the time, and it smells of vomit inside.  I’m sure the humidity is a huge cause of this.

The owners of this facility had every chance to give me a positive, memorable experience that would keep me returning for years.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll go back.