Worlds Biggest Penis?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have done my fair share of flying.  I used to fly every week, and I did so for many years.  I am also a very opinionated person.  For example, I will not go through the “cancer machine” that has been installed at every airport mostly because it was forced upon us, without proper testing, not to mention I think it’s just stupid.  Do you want to prevent terrorism?  Look at me, ask me questions and profile me.  We don’t need a machine to prevent terrorism?  We need smart people who can use common sense to determine people who mean well, and those who don’t mean well.  All this machine is, is a way for super rich people, and the corporations that they own to force a stupid machine upon the general population for billions in tax dollars.

That being said, a really funny story came out on Huffington Post today.  Jonah Falcon, Man With World’s Largest Penis, Frisked by TSA at California Airport.  What a fun read.  It got me to thinking, what a curse this thing must be for this guy.  Could you imagine his sex life?  He’s getting all hot and heavy at the bar with this chick, he takes her home and she sees that?  Men and women can joke all they want about how size matters, but his unit is the size of a baby.  I doubt he’s getting much action with that thing.  Not to mention the stares…

We always want to be different.  I think it’s a part of human nature.  We want lighter hair, darker skin, thinner waist, etc.  In this case, I can say, I’m glad that I’m normal.