Using Text Messaging With Ford Sync

I recently moved from an iPhone 4GS to a Motorola Razr Maxx.  After months of complaining that something had to be wrong with Sprint's network, I finally couldn't take it anymore and I went to Verizon.  I had every intention of just buying another iPhone, on a network that actually works - but after spending some time with the salesman, he convinced me to go with the Razr Maxx.I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this phone.  The Google Play Marketplace is actually easier to use than the iPhone App store, and this phone is blazing fast.  I was completely shocked when I was driving my car and my Ford Sync told me I had a text message.I was like, WOW. So I clicked the text message screen, and there was a message.  I clicked play and it read me the text message.  What a cool system.