Celebrity Apprentice: Don’t Feel Bad Clay – It’s Nothing Personal…

Anyone who watched Celebrity Apprentice knows that the real winner is Clay Aiken, so you’re probably wondering why Mr. Trump selected Arsenio Hall.  Let’s think about this.  What is Celebrity Apprentice?

First off, it is entertaining.  Donald Trump is a genius.  There’s a reason this man is so wealthy.  This show really exists for a few reasons.  It does do wonderful things for charity.  It also is a launch vehicle for Donald Trump’s retail businesses, and other investments.  I can tell you for a fact that the day after the episode where the teams built the display for Donald’s cologne, “Success”, I went to Macy’s and bought a bottle.  Honestly, not because I love Mr. Trump, but I sprayed the tester, and it smells damn good.

So lets get back to why Arsenio won.  This show is not only a place for Donald to promote his products, but it is a place where he takes a struggling “C” list celebrity, and puts them into the A list category.  Don’t think for one second that this isn’t the real motivation for the show.  Of course these struggling “C” list celebrities are all looking for a way to come back into the limelight, or a launch pad to grow their existing careers.  The show does not appear to be preplanned.  The fun part of the show is that the celebs really do compete to get to the top four, but at that point – the Donald must decide which one should win, because the end game is who will make the most money for the Trump Organization.

So back to Arsenio and Clay.  Clay was clearly more talented and a much better manager.  But Arsenio wants to return to late night television.  It is clear that Mr. Trump clearly made the right decision.  Arsenio is a talented commedian, and there’s a really good chance that if he comes back onto National TV, he will generate a lot of money for both Mr. Trump and whatever networks (Probably NBC) that he is associated with.  Whereas, music on the other hand…  It’s full of licensing fees, and all kinds of restrictions that make earning big profits a lot harder.

Don’t feel bad Clay.  America knows you won, and those of us that understand business, understand that Trump needs to do the right thing for his investors.

One thought on “Celebrity Apprentice: Don’t Feel Bad Clay – It’s Nothing Personal…

  1. Awesome article Joe! This makes more sense now that you’ve explained it and I can see why he would choose Arsenio Hall over Clay Aiken. I thought it was a mistake that he didn’t choose Clay, and now I understand why. Celebrity Apprentice happens to be one of my favorite primetime shows I watch. The last two episodes were a real treat, since I had the chance to use my new Auto Hop feature to skip right past the commercials. This works the day after my PrimeTime shows air it will offer me the option to skip with the touch of a button. I’m glad a coworker at Dish showed me how this feature works. Now my family and I can save a ton of time not watching commercials and save money on buying batteries all the time.

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