Say Hello to Finch

Those of you who know me from the early days of The Ferret Store know that both me and the co-founder of The Ferret Store and Solid Cactus, Scott Sanfilippo have always been huge animal lovers.  So much so, that it is what inspired us to start selling ferret supplies in 1994.  I've been without a dog now for awhile and I felt it was time to adopt. Finch is 3 years old, and a mix of who knows what.  He's the sweetest dog I've ever owned, and I have owned many.  He was bounced around from shelter to foster home before he landed here with Jeff and me.  He is only partially housebroken, which is why I assume he hasn't been able to keep a family.  He is 100% pee trained, but he has issues pooping.  The good news I guess is he only poops in the same place