Some Companies Just Don’t Deserve to Have Customers

I have been an entrepreneur for my entire life.  I started my first company when I was 20 with my business partner, Scott Sanfilippo.  I learned first hand the importance of customer service, and how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur.  I sold two companies, both to much larger companies than the one I owned, and I even stayed on with one of them, which was a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq in the role of VP.  I’ve experienced virtually every side of the equation.  I’ve also been a mentor to many other small businesses.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it is when a company grows so large that it can “torment” it’s customers.  One company that I have had personal experience with is a my mortgage servicing company, Ocwen.  In my lifetime, I have never come across such a poor excuse for a company.  If you don’t believe me, just call their toll free number and play around with their auto attendant.  There are over three sub menus, each with numerous options, and virtually ALL of the menus end at a recording where you cannot get back to the main menu, or even speak to a person.  It is one of the most amusing auto attendants I’ve ever used.  Go on, try it…  (800) 746-2936.

I, like so many Floridians have a property terribly under water.  Being that once you are in a situation like this, you cannot sell your home.  You’re simply stuck with it.  I have been trying for over three years to get some kind of assistance since I, like hundreds of thousands of other homeowners cannot refinance or sell my home.

Of course, I never expect sympathy, I bought this property, but I also can’t sell it – and there hasn’t been a time in my life where you owned a property that you couldn’t sell someway or somehow.  Of course, the situation we are all in with our mortgages is a complete different story, and no matter what people say, the banks played a huge part in this.  Whether Ocwen wants to believe this or not, we are in this mess together.  I didn’t bring it completely upon myself.  I am not responsible for what these bankers and mortgage brokers did when they created this housing bubble.

This being said, I’ve been trying to do a short sale.  For three years.  This company is a complete joke.  Imagine this…  And if you’re curious as to why this country is in the situation we are in – here’s the shortened version (Imagine this going on for two years).

“I’m having a hard time with the payments on my home.  I’m no longer earning the kind of money I used to and my interest rate is 7%.  Is there anything at all that can be done?  I can’t refinance or sell this property…

The bank’s answer…  “We’re sorry, we can’t help you.  You need to stop paying the mortgage and then when it goes into default we can discuss things”.

Boy, that’s so intelligent.  So I stopped paying it.  Ocwen has a computerized phone system that calls you when you’re in default…  FIVE TIMES A DAY.  Guess what happens if you answer the call.  They hang up on you.  Yes, they hang up on you.  I would imagine it is because they have some crazy auto dialer that calls thousands of people at once, and when someone actually answers, the two hundred people in Bangladesh that they have stuffed into a grass hut can’t answer the call.

So I try to do a short sale.  I’ve had THREE buyers, one of which actually offered THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS above market value.  They wont accept it, NOR will they actually even consider lowering my interest rate.  Is there anyone I can talk to?  Nope.  I don’t even know if people work for this company.  I was told to schedule a call with one of the non English speaking drones they use to answer the phone in a land far away, one without realistic telecommunications too!  I schedule a call for my “relationship manager” and I never hear back.

Someone told me that Ocwen received money from the Federal Government as part of the Making Homes Affordable program.  If this is true, BE ASHAMED ALL OF YOU!  Because this company is pure evil and doesn’t give a RATS ASS about helping ANYONE but themselves.  Greed will get you one of these days.  Check them out!  Some great reviews Ocwen.