Greed Will Destroy Us

As this presidential election nears, and I get increasingly more and more frustrated with the advertising, and the constant Facebook posts with everyone bickering - I think I can say with honesty, it really doesn't matter anymore.  Corporatism and corporate greed have already destroyed this country.  The saddest reality in all of this is for those who control our destiny, this is just one big sick game.Both Romney and Obama are stooges of the 1%.  You can bet the both of them are bought and paid for just like the advertisements they run on television.  The only difference is that MAYBE if Obama wins he will be slightly nicer to the middle class family in America, which apparently Romney believes is a household that makes between $150,000 and $250,000 per year.  That alone is one of the most retarded statements I've ever heard.  One has to be completely disconnected

Could the Financial System Soon Collapse?

As American and European stocks continue to fall, a financial collapse may be looming. If the ongoing debt crisis forces European countries to default on their debt or abandon the euro, the consequences will have a major impact throughout the world. Many signs point to a worsening economic situation in Europe. With radical leftists leading in some polls, Greece could become the first country to reject austerity measures and default on its debt. CBS News reported in mid-May that Greek citizens had withdrawn so much money from their accounts that many of the nation's banks were on the brink of collapse. However, Greece is not the only country at risk. Spain's economy also continues to weaken. BusinessWeek reported in late April that the country's unemployment rate was at an 18-year high of 24 percent. Economist Harry Dent recently appeared on CNBC television and predicted that Spain would default on its debt.

Some Companies Just Don’t Deserve to Have Customers

I have been an entrepreneur for my entire life.  I started my first company when I was 20 with my business partner, Scott Sanfilippo.  I learned first hand the importance of customer service, and how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur.  I sold two companies, both to much larger companies than the one I owned, and I even stayed on with one of them, which was a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq in the role of VP.  I've experienced virtually every side of the equation.  I've also been a mentor to many other small businesses. If there's one thing I can't stand, it is when a company grows so large that it can torment it's customers.  One company that I have had personal experience with is a my mortgage servicing company, Ocwen.  In my lifetime, I have never come across such a poor excuse for a company.  If