Greed Will Destroy Us

As this presidential election nears, and I get increasingly more and more frustrated with the advertising, and the constant Facebook posts with everyone bickering - I think I can say with honesty, it really doesn't matter anymore.  Corporatism and corporate greed have already destroyed this country.  The saddest reality in all of this is for those who control our destiny, this is just one big sick game.Both Romney and Obama are stooges of the 1%.  You can bet the both of them are bought and paid for just like the advertisements they run on television.  The only difference is that MAYBE if Obama wins he will be slightly nicer to the middle class family in America, which apparently Romney believes is a household that makes between $150,000 and $250,000 per year.  That alone is one of the most retarded statements I've ever heard.  One has to be completely disconnected