Saving The Environment One Diaper At A Time

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have much more of an affinity towards dogs than I do babies, but I still do believe that babies are the greatest and sweetest miracle on Earth. I believe that without family, our future on this Earth will be bleak because a strong, supportive family is what our society needs to raise children properly.  So I would like to use this opportunity to spotlight one of my favorite online merchants, Diaper Junction.

Babies are sweet and cuddly and nothing beats that new baby smell; unless that new baby smell includes a dirty, plastic diaper. Disposable diapers are said to be more convenient than cloth diapers but they are not really better. In fact, disposable diapers become very expensive over the course of the time they are needed and they always end up getting wasted as the baby outgrows them. That does not even cover the damage done to the environment because of all of the plastic waste that is thrown into landfills across the country.  I once had a neighbor that used to like to burn the disposable diapers in their back yard.  The thought of this still today makes me want to choke him by the neck.

Save Money Buy Cloth

When you use cloth diapers, you are giving your child a type of savings account. Instead of putting over $100 a month into diapers, you can put that into an account that they will be able to use for college or their first car, or whatever they may need. When you add up just how much you can save, the decision becomes clear. You can purchase a bunch of cloth diapers and go with a diaper service or wash them on your own. This costs maybe $20 a month while you can spend over $100 a month on disposable diapers. This is a savings of at least $80 a month. Add this up and you can save over $3000 until your child is potty trained, just in diaper costs. This is just for one child, if you have two or more children in diapers, you can expect even higher savings.

Saving the Environment One Diaper at a Time

We all want to give our children an earth that they can be proud of, something that they can live in healthy and happy. When there are thousands of plastic diapers thrown in the landfill every day, it becomes very unhealthy for the environment. The use of cloth diapers eliminates the need to throw out used diapers; promoting the health of the environment and showing your child from the start that they can also help to save the Earth and the environment, one diaper at a time.

Diapers are expensive and they are bad for the environment. Children should grow up to know of ways to save money while saving the environment so they have that same desire to leave the Earth a better place for their own children, your grandchildren.