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Saving The Environment One Diaper At A Time

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have much more of an affinity towards dogs than I do babies, but I still do believe that babies are the greatest and sweetest miracle on Earth. I believe that without family, our future on this Earth will be bleak because a strong, supportive family is what our society needs to raise children properly.  So I would like to use this opportunity to spotlight one of my favorite online merchants, Diaper Junction. Babies are sweet and cuddly and nothing beats that new baby smell; unless that new baby smell includes a dirty, plastic diaper. Disposable diapers are said to be more convenient than cloth diapers but they are not really better. In fact, disposable diapers become very expensive over the course of the time they are needed and they always end up getting wasted as the baby outgrows them. That does not even

Greed Will Destroy Us

As this presidential election nears, and I get increasingly more and more frustrated with the advertising, and the constant Facebook posts with everyone bickering - I think I can say with honesty, it really doesn't matter anymore.  Corporatism and corporate greed have already destroyed this country.  The saddest reality in all of this is for those who control our destiny, this is just one big sick game.Both Romney and Obama are stooges of the 1%.  You can bet the both of them are bought and paid for just like the advertisements they run on television.  The only difference is that MAYBE if Obama wins he will be slightly nicer to the middle class family in America, which apparently Romney believes is a household that makes between $150,000 and $250,000 per year.  That alone is one of the most retarded statements I've ever heard.  One has to be completely disconnected

Worlds Biggest Penis?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have done my fair share of flying.  I used to fly every week, and I did so for many years.  I am also a very opinionated person.  For example, I will not go through the cancer machine that has been installed at every airport mostly because it was forced upon us, without proper testing, not to mention I think it's just stupid.  Do you want to prevent terrorism?  Look at me, ask me questions and profile me.  We don't need a machine to prevent terrorism?  We need smart people who can use common sense to determine people who mean well, and those who don't mean well.  All this machine is, is a way for super rich people, and the corporations that they own to force a stupid machine upon the general population for billions in tax dollars.That being said, a really funny

Boomers! In Boca Raton – A Huge Disappointment

I'm not one for trying to harm someone's business so I always try to be very fair when I make comments.  I've been driving past Boomers! for years now, and it always looks like such a nice place on Route 95 as I drive past.  This past weekend, I finally went there to play mini golf and see what the Family Fun Center had in store for me. I honestly love playing arcade games.  I think Chuck E Cheeses are fun.  I love trying to win as many tickets as I can, and I always love collecting my stupid prizes of candy and cheap plastic garbage. This place is in such disrepair, it is insane.  It is very sad because it has so much potential, but it has obviously been ignored for so long that it is apparent that the owners of this business are either having a rough go of

Using Text Messaging With Ford Sync

I recently moved from an iPhone 4GS to a Motorola Razr Maxx.  After months of complaining that something had to be wrong with Sprint's network, I finally couldn't take it anymore and I went to Verizon.  I had every intention of just buying another iPhone, on a network that actually works - but after spending some time with the salesman, he convinced me to go with the Razr Maxx.I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this phone.  The Google Play Marketplace is actually easier to use than the iPhone App store, and this phone is blazing fast.  I was completely shocked when I was driving my car and my Ford Sync told me I had a text message.I was like, WOW. So I clicked the text message screen, and there was a message.  I clicked play and it read me the text message.  What a cool system.

Celebrity Apprentice: Don’t Feel Bad Clay – It’s Nothing Personal…

Anyone who watched Celebrity Apprentice knows that the real winner is Clay Aiken, so you're probably wondering why Mr. Trump selected Arsenio Hall.  Let's think about this.  What is Celebrity Apprentice?First off, it is entertaining.  Donald Trump is a genius.  There's a reason this man is so wealthy.  This show really exists for a few reasons.  It does do wonderful things for charity.  It also is a launch vehicle for Donald Trump's retail businesses, and other investments.  I can tell you for a fact that the day after the episode where the teams built the display for Donald's cologne, Success, I went to Macy's and bought a bottle.  Honestly, not because I love Mr. Trump, but I sprayed the tester, and it smells damn good.So lets get back to why Arsenio won.  This show is not only a place for Donald to promote his products, but it is a

Could the Financial System Soon Collapse?

As American and European stocks continue to fall, a financial collapse may be looming. If the ongoing debt crisis forces European countries to default on their debt or abandon the euro, the consequences will have a major impact throughout the world. Many signs point to a worsening economic situation in Europe. With radical leftists leading in some polls, Greece could become the first country to reject austerity measures and default on its debt. CBS News reported in mid-May that Greek citizens had withdrawn so much money from their accounts that many of the nation's banks were on the brink of collapse. However, Greece is not the only country at risk. Spain's economy also continues to weaken. BusinessWeek reported in late April that the country's unemployment rate was at an 18-year high of 24 percent. Economist Harry Dent recently appeared on CNBC television and predicted that Spain would default on its debt.