Three Customers You Will Never Miss

Before I started my first eCommerce website back in 1994, I spent almost 10 years working in retail.  It made me think...  Had I spent the rest of my life as a bricks and mortar retailer, I would have had to keep dealing with crazy customers, face to face - for the rest of my life.   Of course being an online merchant also has its challenges, but you can at least get up from your computer, take a walk and grab a coffee.  Thinking back... I've decided to outline the customer types that I used to dread dealing with on a face to face basis. Meet the crazy customers that no longer torture you in person (just via email and phone)... Gretta McPennypincher - When she's not sitting on the front porch smoking Pall Malls, she takes her daily trip into your store to look at the latest additions to your

4 Self-Defense Gun Safety Tips

I have been doing a lot of research lately about guns, mostly because gun control is such a popular topic in the media these days...  Maybe if we would just be responsible with guns, those who want to take our right to own firearms away wouldn't have so much ammo to do so.  I've put together this list... People purchase guns primarily for hunting or self-defense. Owning a gun for self-defense means taking on important responsibilities. Keep in mind the important tips discussed below if you own or plan to own a handgun to be used for the purpose of self-defense for you or your family. 1. Be Prepared It is vitally important to have a safety plan set up. This means that all the adults in the home should be trained to fire the gun if necessary. It should also mean that children within the home understand the necessity of having

Why I Choose Walgreens

I can't say that I know what Walgreens is like to work for, but one thing I can tell you is that Walgreens really cares about the communities they are located in, and that means a lot to me. I shop at a lot of different stores, and I attend many different city, county, and general local events and almost always, Walgreens is a supporter. Many businesses don't realize the value of branding, and good PR. I'm sure many of the events Walgreens vends at, costs them a lot of money. I am also pretty sure that they don't make a quantifiable return on investment when they attend one of these shows. But what I am sure of, is that many people - including myself, will choose a Walgreens over a CVS or other drug store simply because of the appreciation Walgreens has for the communities