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Having spent over 20 years in the eCommerce field, I've received a lot of awards. Most probably wouldn't interest you, but feel free to take a look...


I started my first company in 1994 and sold it in 2007. Free free to read more if you're interested! eCommerce has changed a lot over the years.


Find out more about some of the companies I've been involved with, and where I work now. I've found happiness.

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Why I Love Living In South Florida

I have lived in South Florida for a number of years, and having traveled around America, I have to say that South Florida is a place that I am happy to call home.  While I could make a long list of things I really hate about living in Florida, the reasons to live her far outnumber the negatives.  I've put together a list of reasons why I love living in South Florida. We have two seasons, hot and hotter.  While I know not everyone loves hot weather, one thing I will never miss about living in other parts of America are shoveling snow, scraping windows, and having to spend the day in wet shoes. Palm trees are beautiful. Our roads are immaculate.  Not many potholes to be found here. The clean beaches.  Unlike most of the East Coast, you can see your feet in South Florida's water even if you are up to

Spirit Airlines – Good or Bad?

I fly a lot for work, in fact, I fly multiple times per month, and I tend to fly with very short notice, which for the airline industry makes me a very profitable customer.  I buy wine, and I always pay for the Internet.  I have flown over a million miles and I have watched air travel degrade in many ways over the past few years, while seeing a lot improve. I decided to try out spirit. I was very impressed by their model of paying for what you use. Their ticket prices are very fair, and they do a great job of telling you exactly what will happen to you if you don't follow their rules. My first flight went great. In fact, it went so well that I was considering moving all of my air travel to them. I pack light, so I am their ideal passenger. I also

Thank Heaven for Mobile Check Deposits!

Can you believe that TJ Maxx Credit was nice enough to send along a check for a $0.13 overpayment?  I'd like to say thank you to Bank of America for allowing me to deposit via my mobile device as driving this check to an ATM or a branch would have cost more in fuel than it was worth to deposit the

Time to Move Along

Throughout life, we end chapters of our life story, and begin writing new ones.  Many times, when we reach pivotal moments in our lives, we are faced with very difficult decisions...  The birth of a child, marriage, moving - the list goes on and on.  The book of my life would probably be 1000 pages...  I have experienced so much change throughout my life.  Even though we are often reluctant to change - most changes are for the better.  There will always be things from the past that we miss, or we wish had stayed the same - but with each life change comes many new experiences, and the opportunity to meet new people. Another chapter of my life has completed, and a new chapter has begun.  After Scott and I sold Solid Cactus in 2009, I had stayed on with for two years during the transition, and in 2011,

7 Steps to Building a Mobile App for Your Online Business

You probably have your very own smartphone filled with downloaded apps. So why is it that you haven't tapped yet to the mobile platform to promote your online biz? These days, almost everyone in the world are carrying around their mobile devices and accessing various apps many times every single day. Imagine how much exposure you could have if your app was being used by each and every one of your targeted consumers in different countries. This is essentially why you need to come up with a mobile app for your e-store. Make your brand into a household name--- or rather, an app store name that everybody's scurrying to get. Step 1: Decide on Your Purpose. Before you rush into getting this app built, you must take it one step at a time. Begin with the end in mind, as they say. What's your purpose? Is it to interact with customers more, to

The Rise and Fall of WWWW: A Lesson In Stupidity

I want to first say, in FULL DISCLOSURE that I sold the company I co-owned (Solid Cactus) to Group in 2009, and I no longer hold any position in, nor do I really care about the stock price - but I still follow because a good part of my past life still lives within the organization - including a lot of wonderful memories and a bunch of awesome people.  I am writing this commentary because I have been in the technology industry since it's inception and seeing lose almost 25% of it's value in one day is almost laughable.  I'm going to tell you why (since it's obvious that most bankers and investors have absolutely NO knowledge of technology or how it works). So upon the release of the news that Google is venturing into Domain Registration sales, and email services...  (article: Domain Registration is an

Comcast and Verizon Must Be Stopped!

Net neutrality is one of the fundamental principles of the Internet. In a nutshell, it says that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot give preferential treatment to their largest customers in terms of network transmission speed. (Bigger bandwidth users still have to pay for the volume of bandwidth consumed.) An Internet with net neutrality means that small startup companies have a level playing field with giant content companies.  It's the environment that has turned the Internet into a grand collaboration-space and an incubator for technological progress. And it's under assault. The new chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, wants to allow ISPs to create a fast lane for their more bandwidth intense users. The ISPs want this, because it allows them to charge more for the same services, all under the guise of paying for what you use in a fair, market-based fashion. Wheeler, it should be noted, got appointed to the FCC chairmanship