Why I Love Living In South Florida

Posted by Joe P. on December 13, 2014
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I have lived in South Florida for a number of years, and having traveled around America, I have to say that South Florida is a place that I am happy to call home.  While I could make a long list of things I really hate about living in Florida, the reasons to live her far outnumber the negatives.  I’ve put together a list of reasons why I love living in South Florida.

  • We have two seasons, hot and hotter.  While I know not everyone loves hot weather, one thing I will never miss about living in other parts of America are shoveling snow, scraping windows, and having to spend the day in wet shoes.
  • Palm trees are beautiful.
  • Our roads are immaculate.  Not many potholes to be found here.
  • The clean beaches.  Unlike most of the East Coast, you can see your feet in South Florida’s water even if you are up to you neck.
  • The further north you travel in Florida, the more South it gets.  Often called the “Fifth Borough of New York”, we live up to the name.  If you’re looking for Christian Conservatives, Baptists or Rednecks, go north.
  • The sun will come out every day.  Even if it rains, the sun is still there.
  • Three International Airports within 70 miles.  Going anywhere is a breeze.
  • Lots of Latin American influence.  Great restaurants, great people.
  • The Everglades – Lot’s to see.
  • Alligators and Reptiles – Our little lizards are completely adorable!
  • Publix – Probably the best run supermarket chain in the country, if not the world.

If you haven’t planned a trip to Florida, I highly recommend it.  I don’t ever regret moving here.

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Spirit Airlines – Good or Bad?

Posted by Joe P. on October 30, 2014
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I fly a lot for work, in fact, I fly multiple times per month, and I tend to fly with very short notice, which for the airline industry makes me a very profitable customer.  I buy wine, and I always pay for the Internet.  I have flown over a million miles and I have watched air travel degrade in many ways over the past few years, while seeing a lot improve.

I decided to try out spirit. I was very impressed by their model of paying for what you use. Their ticket prices are very fair, and they do a great job of telling you exactly what will happen to you if you don’t follow their rules.

My first flight went great. In fact, it went so well that I was considering moving all of my air travel to them. I pack light, so I am their ideal passenger. I also live near their home base of Fort Lauderdale. I fly to Dallas and Chicago on a continual basis.  I also want to support them because they are a local company and provide a lot of jobs to South Florida.

When I landed in Dallas, I had a full day ahead of me. The flight went great – on time, no drama. I told a few of my friends that warned me about Spirit about how much I enjoyed the flight. I was ready to make the switch.
so it was time to return to Fort Lauderdale. Spirit did a great job of reminding me that cash would not be accepted on the flight for drinks. I was cool with that. I was dying of thirst but I knew this wouldn’t be a problem, since I had my credit cards.

As the flight attendants come around to do service, they announced that their credit card reader was broken and they could only take cash.

I asked the flight attendant very nicely, I said, “I feel like a dick even asking you this but I’m really thirsty and would like to purchase wine. I don’t have cash on me. Can I write you a check?”  her answer was, “I’m sorry sir, we can only take cash”. So I had said, “ok, can I at least have a drink of water” and her reply was, “nothing is complimentary”.

So great, you tell me not to bring cash, then tell me you can’t accept the form of payment you told me to bring. Then, you can’t even give me a sip of water.

I can remember a time on Southwest Airlines that I almost missed the flight, and I was running down the concourse, and the gate agent was announcing over the PA System “I see you Joseph Palko!  You can do it!”.  When I made it onto the plane, I was sweating and couldn’t breathe and the flight attendant brought me a cold beer and said, “You look like you can use this, courtesy of Southwest Airlines”.

Do I give Spirit another chance?  Or do you think the “culture of cheap” is so ingrained throughout the organization that the people that work there will never care about customer service?  Being thirsty for two hours really sucks, but next time, will they do something even worse?

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Thank Heaven for Mobile Check Deposits!

Posted by Joe P. on October 10, 2014
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Bank of America Alert  Your Mobile Check Deposit is Processing   jp josephpalko.com   Joseph Palko Mail

Can you believe that TJ Maxx Credit was nice enough to send along a check for a $0.13 overpayment?  I’d like to say thank you to Bank of America for allowing me to deposit via my mobile device as driving this check to an ATM or a branch would have cost more in fuel than it was worth to deposit the check.

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