Why Should an e-Commerce Merchant Consider Migrating to 3dcart?

Posted by Joe P. on April 16, 2014
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Joe PIt’s no secret that I am the CMO for 3dcart, so I wanted to put this out there so anyone who reads this knows this from the start.  I’m not trying to manipulate anything – I work for 3dcart.  This being said…

More and more entrepreneurs are jumping into the e-commerce arena every single day, so it’s no wonder a horde of shopping cart software is also available at present. With such beneficial programs within easy reach, it’s never been this simple to build your very own online store and launch your Internet business.

If you haven’t been feeling happy and satisfied with your current e-store builder or you feel that there’s something lacking at the moment, perhaps it’s high time you took a closer look at other providers who can possibly give you what you’re looking for.

3dcart is one resounding brand in this plethora of e-commerce website builders, as it is fast gaining prominence in the Internet business world. Over the years, the buzz about has only become stronger and louder. With a lot of online entrepreneurs who have admittedly made the move to 3dcart, it’s certainly worth checking out why any merchant would want to migrate to this provider.

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Shopping Cart Solutions

Below you’ll find the top 3 factors you ought to take into account in reviewing 3dcart against competing software. Perhaps your current e-commerce platform shows weakness in one of these areas. Hence, it’s best to be aware of what you ought to be watching out for.

1.      Ease and Convenience

Small, start-up and even middle-sized companies are better off using a drag-and-drop type of platform for building an online shop. This is what 3dcart boasts of when compared with any other similar program.

A lot of users have expressed their great satisfaction with the very simple way of navigating through the software, allowing them to enjoy a hassle-free web selling experience. At the same time, you get the assurance that your customers will also be delighted with the same relaxed and organized feel of the entire site.

2.      Features and Templates

In this regard, 3dcart may not have as many free and premium templates to choose from, but we are adding more everyday. Nonetheless, you should ask yourself what you’re really after— quantity or quality. Consider 3dcart’s collection as the “select few”, automatically eliminating substandard designs to save you time and effort in choosing one for your store.

Besides, many users of 3dcart can attest to the great customizability of its readymade web store prototypes which they consider a huge strength. As a result, all you have to do is call up customers support if you can’t modify it on your own to achieve the look you desire.

Furthermore, if you want to continuously pique the interest of your online shoppers and heighten your chances of making a sale, you might just appreciate the special hot features that 3dcart offers— Deal of the Day, Group Deals, and Make Me an Offer. There’s always something for visitors to look forward to. You get to offer good reason for your customers to keep coming back.

What’s more, other 3dcart features worth mentioning include several user-friendly ones like the product reviews and search tools, together with a vast array of marketing aids like social media-sharing and search engine optimization (SEO). Recently, the company has also partnered with Doogma so as to offer product customization to shoppers.

3.      Pricing and Package

When it comes to the packages and pricing, most shopping cart software providers have about 4 to 5 plans that clients can pick from. In this particular area, you’ll have to carefully compare not just the numbers but the inclusions in the packages. For instance, you might be paying a lesser price at the moment but the services are short-changed. Perhaps there are also plenty of hidden fees.

So what are the perks of 3dcart in this regard? For one, its minimum package priced at only $19.99 already offers a lot— an allowable total of 100 products and a much bigger bandwidth than other providers’ lowest packages, to name a few.

Meanwhile, it’s also interesting to note that the most popular plan of 3dcart is the Professional package at $65.99/month while that of others go beyond a hundred dollars per month! So what’s the big deal here? If you analyze it thoroughly, you’ll realize that it’s a sign to show that 3dcart’s most availed package can give greater value for your money.

It’s vital to check out the highest priced packages as well. You’ll be happy to learn that 3dcart’s is priced at only $129.99/month, same as the middle-ranged plans of other companies. With this premier plan, 3dcart already offers very high traffic and an unlimited number of products for the inventory, plus a bonus of $225 marketing fund.

Furthermore, if you’re seriously considering opting for 3dcart, it’s also important to understand that compared to the others, it has the most number of compatible payment gateways at more than 50. Surely your customers will be happy about this.

A Summary of Pros and Cons

According to e-commerce experts, 3dcart is a common favorite among online shoppers because of the friendly and easy-to-use platform. With PCI Level 1 security, reasonable pricing, an affiliate program, a range of marketing tools, exciting features like gift cards and ‘Deal of the Day’, and the most number of payment gateways, getting a plan from this company is certainly good value for your money.

Naturally, like any company, we also have our share of disadvantages which you should take note of. The lack of free template choices is one major setback for some store owners, combined with the limited design options in the premium template collection. But then again, if you’ve already got your current design and layout working well for you, then there’s no point getting discouraged over this matter, right? Besides, some merchants prefer having fewer choices that represent the “cream of the crop”.  In any event, I believe that our advantages far outweigh our disadvantages, and given the options on the market today – we are the company that you should use to build your online store with.

In the past, some claim that customer support is also in need of improvement, but it’s essential to note that this supposed assertion hasn’t been true for several years now. Even the Better Business Bureau had recognized 3dcart’s amazing enhancement of their customer support and had therefore boosted their rating already. So there’s really nothing to worry about in this department.   (Plus, I can tell you from working here that we really care about our customers)…

Still not convinced? You can go for the free trial to experience the benefits and to finally decide if it’s really worth it to migrate to 3dcart. 

Bottom line— We have awesome software, and we are an awesome company.  You can be assured that we are continuously improving our product (unlike many solutions out there – they know who they are), tools, and services to give the best for its merchants. If you’re after a clean-cut, customer-friendly, and superbly efficient website that customers are bound to love, come see what you’ve been missing…

If you have any questions about 3dcart, feel free to drop me a line…

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You Know It’s Time For SEO When…

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B of A – I Just Want Help At This Point…

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Look, I know I piss and moan about so many things…  I guess my problem is that what I believe are “realistic expectations”, are just no longer realistic .  I honestly don’t feel like I am expecting too much.  When I call somewhere for customer service, I feel that a 5 minute hold time is acceptable.  I feel that when you call a company for service, you should be able to get help on the first try.  If it’s something really difficult, maybe the second try.  I’m going to outline my last experience with Bank of America – and I’m being totally honest here, this bank is having serious problems.  Tell me what you think?

The Problem:  I cancelled my last business account three months ago.  I now only have a personal checking account at Bank of America.  I also cancelled “Online Business Suite” since I am no longer running a business.  Online Business Suite was cancelled three months ago.  Last week, it turned itself BACK ON!  All by itself, and charged me $10.  I just want it cancelled for good.

What the Solution SHOULD BE:  I call Bank of America and spend 5 minutes or less on hold, and spend maybe 10 minutes waiting for a representative to cancel this service.

What ACTUALLY HAPPENED:  I call Bank of America at 6:15 PM.  I listen through a ridiculous automated attendant that never once gives me an option to speak to anyone, but instead manages to tell me my balance (which of course, I knew before I even called).  So I had to listen to it all over again, and of course, none of the options suit what I’m calling for.  I choose the closest option, which is “Did you receive a charge that you did not authorize?”.

I am transferred to a person who doesn’t understand that “Online Business Suite” is a Bank of America product, so she transfers me to the “unauthorized charges” department.  I get a nice lady there who says, “I’m so sorry Joseph, I will immediately refund you the $10 charge that was charged to your account, but I’m unable to cancel this service for you.  I will need to transfer you to Small Business Banking, and they will be able to take care of that for you”.

It is now 6:30 PM.  I get the automated attendant, and I proceed to input my debit card number, and everything else it wants from me.  I now manage to hear my account balance ALL OVER AGAIN, as there is no option in this menu that can help me.  I finally find the option that I think is the correct one, and I hear, “There has been an error transferring your call.  Please try your call again later”…  REALLY?  Ok, now it’s 6:45 PM.

I get home from work.  I log into the account maybe thinking that there is some way to cancel it online.  Nope.  But I find a live chat window.  I also tweet to @bofahelp that their bank shouldn’t be in business anymore.  The people who manage the twitter account offer to call me later tonight or tomorrow, but I said, “I’m talking to someone on the BofA Live Chat, maybe they will be able to help me.  (SO Kudos to the Social Media reps at BofA for at least trying).

This chat is placed below for your entertainment.  I want you to also remember that I sat at my computer for 30 minutes, on top of the 30 minutes I spent on the phone, and I still do not yet have a resolution.  This has not been modified in any way, other than names hidden and my personal information blocked out.

Chat Information:  Welcome to an online chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Bank of America Online Banking Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Your current wait time is approximately 0 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Chat Information:  Thank you for choosing Bank of America. KB is ready to assist you. For security purposes, please remember to close your chat window when completed.

KB: Hello! To assist you with your online access, may I please have your complete business name, your first and last name along with the account number?

You: Hi Kevin, I had cancelled online business suite but it came back all by itself???
You: I called in, they refunded the $10 service charge, but nobody knows how to cancel it
You: I complained on twitter, and and @bofa_help responded and asked me to private message them my account information,and i did, but they didnt respond yet

KB: I’ll certainly help you with the online business suite.

You: i had cancelled this a few months ago, and it was gone… it decided to reactivate itself

KB: Please provide your complete business name, your first and last name along with the account number.

You: the business does not exist anymore
You: the only account is my checking which is a florida account xxxxxxxxxxxx

KB: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you because of online business suite reactivation.

You: joseph palko is my name

KB: Please never reveal complete account number until and unless asked, as this is highly confidential.
KB: Please allow me sometime, while I access your account information.

You: oh ok
You: i thought that is what this meant “Please provide your complete business name, your first and last name along with the account number.”

KB: I apologize for the typing error.

You: no problem :)

KB: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

You: no problem

KB: Joseph, I can deactivate this service for you. However, your account security is of prime importance to us. Therefore, may I ask you a few verification questions before I proceed?

You: sure

KB: Thank you for the permission.
KB: Could you please let me know the amount and location of the last posted ATM transactions?

You: 3/xx/2014 -xx.xx
You: xxxxxxx Beach FL

KB: Thank you.
KB: Ignore my above messages.

You: I have to eat dinner now
You: can i check back here in a minute?
You: or do you think you have enough info?

KB: I see that you are not logged in your profile. Are you facing any problem in logging in?

You: im logged in now
You: i use the login name xxxxxxxxxxx
You: its the only one i’ve ever known

KB: Please never reveal Online ID until and unless asked, as this is highly confidential..

You: online business suite was gone for a few months, at least…
You: i dont care at this point i just want it fixed
You: ill type my social security number into this box if it means you can fix the problem

KB: Joseph, I can understand the urgency of the concern right now.

You: i am getting very frustrated. before sending you this online message i spent 30 minutes on the phone talking to someone who transferred me to number where i was disconnected
You: i have to go to the bathroom, im hungry, my dinner is getting cold and this is all over something that i should not even have to be dealing with

KB: i sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused you. Please be sure your concerned will be resolved.
KB: Joseph, thank you for contacting us regarding your personal account. I specialize in Business accounts, but I can transfer this chat to our personal team.
KB: It will take a moment to bring them into this chat. Do you mind holding while I connect the chat with that group?
KB: Thank you! A personal account agent will be with you shortly.

You: im here
Chat Information:  Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited Bank of America Specialist.
Chat Information:  Thank you for choosing Bank of America. AF is ready to assist you. For security purposes, please remember to close your chat window when completed.
AF: Hello! I am a personal checking and savings account specialist. Please allow me a moment while I review your previous conversation.

you: thank you

you: i have to say, this company is really getting so out of control. the branches have nobody working in them, you wait hours to get the simplest questions answered. the phone system does not want you to ever talk to a human. this is crazy. i know it is not your fault, but i am getting so mad right now

AF: I can understand why you feel that way.
AF: May I know what is the problem?
AF: I will be glad to assist you with the best resolution you need.

you: OMG
you: i cancelled online business suite months ago.
you: i no longer have a business account
you: it has reactivated itself and is now charging me $10 a month

AF: Thank you for the information.
AF: Let me quickly check that for you.
you: my name is joseph palko i am from florida. my account number is xxxxxxxxxx – you are going to tell me not to type it here but i dont care, i am hungry and i have to go to the bathroom
you: my last transaction from an atm was -xx.xx from xxxxxx beach florida
you: i do not want online business suite!!!!!!!!

AF: Sure!
AF: Let me check the refund for you and help you out.

you: they did refund it for me
you: i just dont want it appearing anymore
you: i cant handle spending 2 hours a month trying to get this $10 back

AF: I see the refund has been already made for $10.00 to your account.
AF: I see the service is still active.


AF: Let me quickly grab the number for our specialist and help you out and cancel it for you.

you: it was cancelled

AF: I am a personal checking and savings account specialist.

you: how does it turn itself back on?
you: i dont even have a business account anymore

AF: I can understand that.
AF: The number for the specialist is 1.866.758.5972

you: I have had it for the evening. I worked all day and i contacted THIS STUPID BANK 1.5 hours ago, and I am still being transferred all over creation.
you: thank you
you: i will call tomorrow when i have 2 more hours to spare

Last text message received  AF: W are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.,Saturday . Local Time.

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