Discover Card and Why Not to Use Them

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I just received very terrible service from Discover card (which prides themselves on being a US based company with US based service). I guess it doesn’t matter much if your customer service is US based if the company itself doesn’t have good customer service principles.

I have had this happen to me years ago and it just happed to my husband. They decide out of nowhere to lower your credit line, by thousands mind you – and they don’t tell you until a few weeks later when you receive a letter in the mail. By then you’ve used the card and put it over limit.

I’d say their intentions are bad. They want to force you over the limit so they can charge over the limit fees. It’s their way of saying they don’t value you as a customer. Doesn’t matter about your payment history or how you use your card, I’m sure they just look at the credit score and some drone in their corporate office pushes a button without any thought or reason.

Since I represent many businesses as a consultant, I advise you steer clear from Discover for your personal and business uses and stick with other major card issuers such as Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, etc.

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